The Shiba Inu

Ponta's Daily Walks

Ponta gets three walks a day. In the morning, Sachi takes him to a local wooded park, where he often meets other dogs, including Poppy, an overweight Chocolate Lab. At 4:00 in the afternoon, he gets a walk to an open, grassy park; and in the evening, he gets a midnight walk, just before bed.

Ponta's first walk as a puppy, soon after he got enough of his vaccination shots.

Ponta enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves.

Ponta finds camouflage to hide in!

Ponta enjoys a nice river view

Ponta poses in a small glade of daisies


Ponta at the grass park




What? Are you talking to me?

Ponta visits the wooded park for the very first time!

Ponta's favorite way to drink on a walk

A special New Year's Eve midnight walk!