The Shiba Inu

Ponta's Travel

Two or three times a year, we throw a bunch of stuff into our small Toyota Vitz, fill up the gas talk, and set off for a dog-friendly resort. Spots we've visited so far include Mt. Fuji, Karuizawa, Nasu Kogen—and LCJ!

Ponta having fun in front of Mt. Fuji!

Ponta and family at Fuji's lakes

Ponta at a Fuji dog run, at the "Dog Resort: Woof!"

Shinto Dog!

A true Japanese doggie

Enjoying dinner with the family in a nice resort restaurant

At the Karuizawa Bird Park

Ponta didn't see too many birds, but he loves the nice nature trail!

Ponta views the river serenely

Ponta at LCJ!

Making sure everyone is doing their homework...

Ponta with papa at a rest area on the highway

Ponta at Nasu Kogen