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Ponta was born on June 26, 2011, at Mr. Ishida's home in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture. Mr. Ishida, aside from being a lifelong breeder of Shiba Inus, is also the prefectural head of NIPPO, the Association for the Preservation of the Japanese Dog (in Japanese, Nihon Ken Hozonkai, or 日本犬保存会). He is very serious about strengthening the Shiba Inu breed and keeping the line as close as possible to its historical form. Ponta's mother is a black and tan shiba, and his father is a red; all of Ponta's siblings came out red, with very slight black highlights. Mr. Ishida used a black-and-tan shiba as a mother in order to trengthen the red color in Ponta's generation.

Before we went to look at the dogs, Sachi and I discussed names. There were a few we liked. We both enjoy Monty Python's Flying Circus, so "Monty" or "Montgomery" was one choice. Sachi practices meditation, so "Samadhi" was another choice. I was thinking about place names, and remembered my family's ancestral home in Spain: Pontevedra. I suggested that one, with "Ponta" as a short version; we both immediately liked it.

Ponta was one of a litter of four puppies, one female and four males. The three males were put up for sale. When Sachi and I visited in early August, we named the other puppies "Ikemen" ("Handsome Guy") and "Chu̅-kun." One puppy, however, stood out amongst all of them. He was the fattest, homeliest, and most independent of the litter. He was smart enough to know that the concrete of the genkan was the coolest place to be. Mr. Ishida said that this pup had a spirit of "Going My Way," doing his own thing as he liked. Sachi and I immediately fell in love. This was Ponta.

Meet Montgomery Pontevedra Samadhi Poza at six weeks of age at Mr. Ishida's home in Gunma.

Ponta with Mr. Ishida
Ponta's Data
Point Data
Full Name Montgomery Pontevedra Samadhi Poza
Nickname "Ponta"
Date of Birth June 26, 2011
Place of Birth Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Breed Shiba Inu (red)
Height at shoulders 43 cm.
Weight 11 kg.
Favorite treats Chicken, rice
Turn-ons Food, snow, meeting dogs & people
Turn-offs Baths, strange noises, wearing clothes
Vacation retreats Mt. Fuji, Karuizawa, Nasu Ko̅gen
Favorite toy Tennis ball
Profession Sleeping (currently working on Ph.D.)
Ponta's sister Ponta with his Mother