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Summer 2012 Hardware Unit Test

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Hardware Quiz
1 What was the first generation of electronic computer technology?

How many bits are there in the binary number "1101"?


"Binary" refers to:

4 If I type the words "A Little Bit" into a plain text file and save it, how big will it be?:
5 In a computer, the CPU and RAM are located on the:
6 What is usually the most important indicator of speed for a CPU?
7 Which is faster: a Pentium 4 at 3.2 GHz, or a Core i3 Duo at 2.6 GHz?
8 When you buy a new computer, you should add more:
9 When you click the right-side button on a mouse, what will appear on the screen?
10 What is a disadvantage of SSDs today?
What kind of computer is shown at left?

You have an optical drive which:

(1) can read and write CDs;
(2) can read but NOT write DVDs; and
(3) can NOT read or write Blu-Ray disks.

It is called:

What type of cable port is pictured at left?
14 "Solid state" means:
15 "Resolution" means:
16 "Capacity" means:
17 "Volatile" means:
18 What is the name of a technology that connects computers wirelessly using radio signals?
19 What does "bps" stand for?
20 What should you do with a wireless home network?:
Extra Credit

EXTRA CREDIT (2 points): How do you write the number "91" in binary?


EXTRA CREDIT (2 points): How many bits are there in 800 Megabytes?


EXTRA CREDIT (2 points): Which is better, Interlaced or Progressive scan?

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